How much does a voiceover cost?

The price of a voiceover depends on several criteria. 

  • The actor himself: each actor sets his own prices. This often depends on the actor’s level of experience, equipment or training.
  • The broadcasting: in order to use a voice-over, broadcasting/exploitation rights or neighbouring rights must be paid for. This price is set according to the scope of the broadcast on the one hand, and the duration of the broadcast on the other. For example, a broadcast on a local radio station for a one-off event (short broadcast) will not cost the same as a broadcast on a national television channel for a year. This price is calculated as a percentage of the project price.
  • The character of the project: the type of project also affects the price. For example, a project with a game or voice transformation component will cost more than an answering machine ad. 

All my prices are indicative, and it is clearly stated that it is “from”. 

from 20cts/word

Video training capsules, e-learning, education

from 60 internal use ​
from 90 external use

Internal film, motion design, corporate, institutional...

from 30

Welcome announcements, telephone messages, IVR...

from 100

Video games, cartoons, cartoon voices

from 100/min

Advertising on YouTube, Facebook, etc.

rate variable

Local, regional and national TV commercials

from 15

Local, regional and national radio advertising

from 350

Internal film, motion design, corporate, institutional...

What is included

HQ audio file: all my sounds are recorded in my home studio equipped with the advice of a sound engineer (acoustic foam, microphone, sound card…). So you are guaranteed a clear and professional sound. 

Cleaned file: the files are systematically cleaned before any delivery, which means that I process the sound after the recording to remove breathing and possible mouth noises. 

Revision included (except author’s modification): after delivery of the audio file, it is possible that the tone, speed, or other, does not suit you perfectly. This may be the case for the whole document or for a part of it. However, I will charge for any text changes made after delivery.

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