How do you book a voiceover?

Would you like a female voiceover for your project? No problem. The process is very simple. 

Step 1


Listen to the extracts available on my demo tape page to choose the voice that best suits your project.

Step 2

Contact me

Contact me via the form.

Step 3


Once I have received the elements, I start recording. And that's it!

What information do I need ?

When you first contact me for your female voiceover booking, what do I need to make a quote? 

  • The nature of your voice-over project: internal company video, corporate, documentary, fiction, cartoon, e-learning, etc. 
  • The length of your project: how long the video is, or how many words your script is.
  • Broadcasting your project: where will the voiceover be broadcast? On social networks, on your client’s website, on local radio, regional TV…
  • Recording conditions: would you like a live session, or would you prefer me to record on my own in my home studio?
  • Additional options: Other options can also be added, such as synchronisation, ultra fast delivery, etc. 

It's easy as ABC, let get in touch !

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